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Back from Berlin

Thanks to everyone who attended the Micromusic Get Together party in Berlin. Crazy times! Here’s a video. 🙂

Thanks to the kind people at Scherer8 and to Irrlicht Project for organizing the whole party. I’ll upload a few more videos soon.


Tonight, tonight!

Arottenbit (on the left), Kenobit (on the right and looking silly)

Tonight my friend Arottenbit will be playing at the awesome metal/grind/hardcore/wickedness festival Mi Odi. Go check him out. He’s going to perform with his signature metal/speedcore set: heavy stuff. Game Boy + headbanging = win.

Also, me and Arottenbit, together with Microman and Buskerdroid from MicRoma HQ, are about to release a kick ass split EP on CalmDownKidder. Stay tuned.

Riassunto in italiano: se non siete infognati di lavoro come me, muovete il culo e andate al Magnolia, che suona Gallo!