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Fugue in Chip minor

A new track! Not 100% final, but it’s getting there. 🙂


Back from Berlin

Thanks to everyone who attended the Micromusic Get Together party in Berlin. Crazy times! Here’s a video. 🙂

Thanks to the kind people at Scherer8 and to Irrlicht Project for organizing the whole party. I’ll upload a few more videos soon.

Splash Wave


Get ready! I love Outrun. Digital escapism at its finest, with some of the best tunes to ever grace a Sega game. Here’s a WIP of my humble take on Splash Wave.

Made with love. I’m a actually thinking of making an EP out of my videogame covers. We’ll see…

Hang over

Too much alcool + weed + LSDJ = this.

Made with LSDJ in live mode. I composed 4 patterns, one per channel, and then messed them up and edited them on the fly. Sloppy, dirty, obsessive.