Tonight, tonight!

Arottenbit (on the left), Kenobit (on the right and looking silly)

Tonight my friend Arottenbit will be playing at the awesome metal/grind/hardcore/wickedness festival Mi Odi. Go check him out. He’s going to perform with his signature metal/speedcore set: heavy stuff. Game Boy + headbanging = win.

Also, me and Arottenbit, together with Microman and Buskerdroid from MicRoma HQ, are about to release a kick ass split EP on CalmDownKidder. Stay tuned.

Riassunto in italiano: se non siete infognati di lavoro come me, muovete il culo e andate al Magnolia, che suona Gallo!


Hang over

Too much alcool + weed + LSDJ = this.

Made with LSDJ in live mode. I composed 4 patterns, one per channel, and then messed them up and edited them on the fly. Sloppy, dirty, obsessive.

Fuck yeah

Welcome to my blog. Here I’ll post everything about the Kenobit projects: gigs, photos, and most importantly music. I’m not much of a blogger, but I’ll do my best to keep this place updated. I promise. 🙂